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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Design Thinking Doesn't Work

This article was originally published on ProjectManagement.com

Here's the deal. When it comes to User Experience, a lot of stuff just doesn't work. Think of all the stuff you tried...

You tried stuff. I tried so many things. There's so many books I red. And a lot of stuff sounds really good...

In a book...

Design Thinking has been an elusive concept for a lot of companies over the years and yet very few have been able to make it work. And when I say "work", I mean - pay off and produce tangible results. Better products. Lower project risks. Smoother delivery and happy stakeholders...

The term itself is over 25 years old, yet almost everybody is having trouble getting the thing to produce results. Millions of dollars invested in Design Thinking every week just to produce no tangible results. Why?

You see, there's no magic to making Design Thinking work. If you do it right, it will jack results through the roof for you. It will burn your scope creep, slash uncertainty about requirements and project direction and make your difficult stakeholders easy and friendly...

...if you do it right.

The problem is in the term itself. There's actually a silent word in the term that most people assume when they pronounce it. And that one word is what takes the most people into trouble.

The word I'm talking about is "JUST".

People believe that if you JUST THINK DESIGN, the things will turn out for the better. Scrum teams will magically fish out requirements out of your market and your business users and everybody will love your apps.

No, this will not happen!

Think Design all you want. Visualize.... until you blue in the face! Nothing will ever happen.

If you do it long enough, cobwebs will form and still nothing will happen. And they will put a flipchart in front of you and leave you there to die.

You see, there's no rocket science to making Design Thinking work in your organization. Integrate repeatable processes in Requirements Management. Integrate UX processes with development.

Yes, this implies work and that's why a lot of folks are saying to themselves "no, I'll just think" and they're keeping positive attitude... all the way until their projects get into familiar requirements management issues.

Are you falling into this trap?

Don't guess. We built a quick self-assessment tool that produces your custom detailed report about exactly where you are with your repeatable requirements management processes and your Design Thinking implementation and what specific next steps will bring fast and tangible results.

Love to hear your thoughts. Please lay them out in the comment area below.

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